Beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.


Before The Work of Byron Katie, I suffered. I was invested in creating an identity that would be loved and approved of. I was constantly looking outside of myself for fulfillment. I lived in the fantasy of the future.

When I was 20 years old I understood a simple truth that changed my life forever: when I believed my thoughts I suffered and when I questioned them I didn’t suffer. This was thanks to the enormous blessing of The Work being introduced into my life.

Even though this truth resonated with every single cell of my being, I haven’t always been disciplined with my mind. However, life itself gave me no choice but to question my mind. My grandfather and aunt were assassinated, I was in a car accident that nearly took my life, I experienced unhealthy relationships, I battled through conditions and insecurities of my physical body, I got pregnant without being married, to name a few. Each one of these experiences obliged me to question my thinking and pointed me back to myself. I can honestly say now that my life has been perfect in every single way. I know now that if I have a problem with the world, there has to be a misperception. I truly have experienced that this is a friendly Universe.

I’m a trained psychologist (we could definitely question that), so I know something about tools. In my experience, there is nothing as efficient and profound in true healing than questioning our mind through the four questions and turnarounds of The Work. Through each questioned thought we find true connection to others, joy in the present moment and we liberate ourselves from pain and anxiety a past or future can bring. We begin to live out of who we really are.

There is nothing that gives me more joy than guiding others into the same freedom that I know to be our true nature. It truly is an honor to see myself in you, to question my mind, witnessing yours. I currently facilitate people outside Guatemala via skype or phone and offer in-person sessions with those in my country. I would love to support you in this journey inwards.



This is the basic workshop. The purpose of the workshop is to get to know our true essence, and the tools on how to get back to it.

Duration: 6 classes of 50 min vía zoom
Investment: Q3,300
Material Included


It’s the workshop of the HOW. The Work by Byron Katie its the practice allows you to access the wisdom that always exists within you. Every tool that you need I’ll provide it to you in this workshop.

Duration: 5 classes of 50 min vía zoom
Investment: Q2,750
Material Included


Forgiveness means letting go. Letting go of the beliefs that don’t go with your nature and essence. Letting go of the belief that you did something wrong or that you are not good enough. Letting go of everything that doesn’t bring you peace.

Duration: 4 classes of 50 min vía zoom
Investment: Q2,200
Material Included


There is only one relationship: the one with yourself. Any other external relationship simply reflect the one with you. This workshop show us we don’t have to change from the outside. Just to pay more attention to whats within.

Duration: 5 classes of 50 min vía zoom
Investment: Q2,750
Material Included


The MASTERCLASS was created out of the for a follow-up to the workshops. The purpose it’s to provide mental discipline. Every Monday we talked about a different subject, but always with the same intention . To go back to our true essence and above all, to love it.

Schedule: Every Monday at 7:30pm (CST) vía zoom
Membership: $50 Includes recordings and the material from each Monday’s classes as well as one group session per month of Byron Katie’s Work on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM (CST)
Single Class: Q150


Duration: 50 min vía zoom

How often can we work together?

I offer personal sessions to those interested on working on just one belief and also support those who are interested in a continuous support in their work. 

What can I question?

There is no thought that cant be questioned.

Important note:

  • The totality of the session must be paid 24 hours in advanced.
  • If the appointment is not canceled with 24 hours in advance there will be no refund.
  • Any session that is canceled before 24 hours can be re-scheduled.

«The best thing I can say about Andrea’s guidance is that it works. As a beginner, she helped me understand that all suffering comes from unquestioned thoughts.

After hours of work together, some of those thoughts have managed to let go of me. After dozens of questioned thoughts, my relationship with my own thinking has evolved to a point where the thinker is always suspicious of belief. This makes the path towards Peace and Joy always available.»

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